Create, update, manage and compare
decommissionning cost estimates

What is eOMEGA?

The eOMEGA platform is a logical follow-up of our long term involvement of DECOM company in Slovakia (more than two decades) in the field of decommissioning planning and costing including the development of unique decommissioning costing codes. The motivation for eOMEGA platform development is to create the decommissioning costing tool taking into account following assumptions:

  • fully implemented ISDC structure and methodology to facilitate the harmonization, transparency and benchmarking in the decommissioning costing;
  • to meet the actual international recommendations and trends in costing;
  • applicable for any type of nuclear facility (power plant, research reactor, waste management facilities, etc.) with any systems, structures and radiological situation;
  • applicable for any phase of the decommissioning planning process starting from very preliminary costing during licensing of operation of the facility up to final decommissioning planning for licensing the decommissioning of the facility;
  • available to any stakeholder involved in planning and managing the decommissioning of nuclear facilities;
  • flexible, open, transparent, modern and user-friendly environment;
  • accessibility via internet and supported by secure internet technologies.