Next-generation decommissionning & waste management costing software based on ISDC

Create, update, manage and compare
decommissionning cost estimates
Easy-to-use software for estimating decommissioning and waste management costs with fully implemented internationally recommended ISDC structure and methodology.

What is eOMEGA?

The eOMEGA platform is a logical follow-up of the our long term involvement (more than two decades) in the field of decommissioning planning and costing including the development of unique decommissioning costing codes. The motivation for eOMEGA platform development is to create the decommissioning costing tool taking into account following assumptions:

  • fully implemented ISDC structure and methodology to facilitate the harmonization, transparency and benchmarking in the decommissioning costing;
  • meet the actual international requirements and trends in costing;
  • applicable for any type of nuclear facility (power plant, research reactor, waste management facilities, etc.) with any systems, structures and radiological situation;
  • applicable in any phase of the decommissioning planning process starting from very preliminary during construction of the facility up to final planning just before start of decommissioning;
  • available to any stakeholder involved in the decommissioning planning;
  • flexible, open, transparent, modern and user-friendly environment;
  • accessibility via internet and supported by secure internet technologies.

What it in fact does?

eOMEGA is a software that calculates costs of decommissioning of any type of facility, especially nuclear facilities like power plants, research reactors, non-reactor facilities as laboratories or waste management facilities. In other words, you can use eOMEGA to determine how much will you have to pay for final phase of the nuclear facility life-cycle i.e. for transition period after final shutdown and decontamination, dismantling and demolition itself

This is useful also for establishment the decommissioning funding scheme which is also included in the eOMEGA software.

The other feature is the possibility to calculate costs for waste management of almost any kind of waste. Thanks to versatile algorithm that uses configurable waste management technologies.

Key features

  • Inventory database with a facility structure
  • ISDC based calculation methodology
  • Detailed costing results in ISDC format
  • Sensitivity analysis of decommissioning costs
  • Export & import of costing cases
  • Decommissioning funding calculation
  • Custom waste management scenarios
  • Custom waste management technologies
  • Secure client-server architecture
  • ... and everything in a simple user interface

Who is it for?

Nuclear power plants

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power station in which the heat source is a nuclear reactor. As is typical in all conventional thermal power stations the heat is used to generate steam which drives a steam turbine connected to an electric generator which produces electricity.

Waste management facilities

Waste management is all those activities and action required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes amongst other things, collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring and regulation.


For the clean environment. Nuclear energy is considered to be the almost the cleanest energy and is the cheapest one. The key factor to this comparison is the quality of nuclear waste processing and storage. Better waste management means cleaner environment.

Research reactors

Research reactors are nuclear reactors that serve primarily as a neutron source. They are also called non-power reactors, in contrast to power reactors that are used for electricity production, heat generation, or maritime propulsion.

How the costs are calculated?

eOMEGA uses internationally recommended structure and methodology (joint initiative of OECD/NEA, ISDC, EC) for calculation and presenting the decommissioning costs - ISDC “International Structure for Decommissioning Costing of Nuclear Installations”. For more information please read more about ISDC.

May I have a question?

Of course. In case of any question do not hesitate contacting us. Our email or phone contacts can be found here.