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Our history

The eOMEGA costing platform is a logical follow-up of the our long term involvement (more than two decades) in the field of decommissioning planning and costing including the development of unique decommissioning costing codes.

Watch the timeline showing the ideas how and why was eOMEGA created.

Beginnings of Decommissioning costing

First versions of Excel based decommissioning costing tools were developed to support the decommissioning planning process in Slovakia.

1994 - 1999

Development of OMEGA calculation code

Our team of decommissioning experts got a simple-sounded task: Create a software that will calculate decommissioning costs of A1 NPP in Jaslovské Bohunice located in Slovakia.

The OMEGA code was developed based on the standardized cost structure with unique system of material and radioactivity flow.

1999 - 2004

Continuous improvement of OMEGA calculation code

Updating the different features and functionalities of OMEGA code including the implementation of ISDC.
OMEGA has been used to calculate decommissioning costs of many various nuclear facilities in Slovakia and abroad (e.g. Hungary, Romania, Canada, Sweden).

2004 - till now

Idea to create an eOMEGA

Original idea was to create more user-friendly and easily accessible version of OMEGA code but the methodology, structure and costing principles remain the same.

July 2013

Development of eOMEGA started

Next generation of OMEGA is being born. Brainstorming, discussions, coding, testing etc. took place to create the eOMEGA decommissioning costing platform.

December 2014

Development of eOMEGA funding module

eOMEGA funding module is started to be created being a part of eOMEGA platform. Final goal is to integrate the decommissioning costing and funding into one compact package.

November 2015

Development of eOMEGA Research Reactors

eOMEGA Research Reactors module is started to be created being a part of eOMEGA platform. Final goal is to provide user friendly software for decommissioning costing relevant for small scale facilities.

May 2016

eOMEGA Research Reactors finalized

eOMEGA Research Reactors module was finalized and is ready for deployment or customization based on the client requirements.

December 2016

Customization of eOMEGA costing

Customization of eOMEGA costing module for Slovak Electric company started. The goal is to provide costing software package fitted for purpose of Slovak Electric in the field of decommissioning costing for WWER-type reactors located in Slovakia.

January 2017